Научный парк профилактической медицины и охраны труда - Новейшие системы и технологии
Scientific Park of Preventive Medicine and Occupational Safety - Latest systems and technologies


The founders of the science park (NP): three state research institutes and five research and production and industrial enterprises of other forms of ownership have all the potential production, engineering, transport and social infrastructure provided for by the Procedure for agreeing on the decision to create a science park, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated February 03, 2010 No. 93,


1. Staffing. The founding institutions of the PE employ: - 16 doctors and 39 candidates of medical, biological, technical, physical and mathematical sciences; – more than 170 engineers of various specialties, including developers of complex electronic and electromechanical (both general and medical-preventive) equipment, designers and technologists of all categories, programmers, computer and IT technology specialists; - 220 specialists of engineering and technical professions of production.

2. Production areas. General - more than 24 thousand m2 of own and up to 2,800 m2 of leased space; including: - scientific divisions - more than 7 thousand. 400 m2; – design and technological divisions – more than 1 thousand people; 700 m2; – engineering divisions of preparation of production – 1 thousand. 450 m2; - directly production areas - 7 thousand 780 m2.

3. the price of the main funds. Total: UAH 26 million 620 thousand, including: - instruments and scientific equipment - more than UAH 5 million 855 thousand. - technological and production equipment - about 6 million 550 thousand UAH.

4. Intangible assets (including unsold intellectual property) - about UAH 59 million 960 thousand.
In particular, the basic scientific organization and the initiator of the creation of the science park, the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Research Institute of Transport Medicine" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, has the following material, technical and personnel base to perform its statutory tasks: - the cost of fixed assets - UAH 4.952 million; – total production area – 6464 m2; – including the area of ​​scientific departments – 4525 m2; – equipment and devices in the amount of more than 450 units with a total value of more than UAH 3,055.00 thousand; - the institute is equipped with modern devices and a sufficient fleet of computer equipment (more than 45), wide Internet access (15 jobs).
The specified material and technical support is on the balance sheet of the Institute as of 04/01/2013 and can be used to fulfill the tasks of the science park. The institute employs highly qualified specialists.
In total, there are 186 employees, including 11 Doctors of Science, 19 Candidates of Science, 58 researchers, 44 production staff. The average age of employees is 40 years, scientists - 45.
For the right to conduct research and expert work, the Institute has licenses and certificates from the Ministry of Health, Gosstandart and more. To ensure the functioning of the science park, from 10 to 35% of the existing scientific, engineering, production, personnel, infrastructure and material and technical potential of the participants can be used.