PP NVP "KARE" formed into an independent legal entity in 1991.

The main activity of the company is the development and production of embedded systems, automated control systems, exclusive batches of electronic devices according to the Customer's specifications.

The team consists of specialists with a broad technical outlook, which allows them to work “at the intersection” of various fields and FIND non-standard solutions.

And most importantly, it is a creative attitude and interest in the WORK you are doing.


Certificates of the company PP NVP "KARE"

Certificate for quality management system ISO 13485:2003


Our mission: Overcome world hunger.

Our vision: In 20 years, we will overcome world hunger using our technology.

Our values: Своими главными ценностями “ООО КАРЕ” называет квалифицированных сотрудников, которые постоянно пополняют и совершенствуют свои знания, честность и прозрачность всех юридических и финансовых операций, высокую планку в работе.


Leonid Burdyka - CEO

Valeriy Prokhorov - Head of Scientific Affairs

Valeria Burdyka - Project Manager

Evgeniy Vasiliev – Development Director