Microwave plant for presowing seed treatment

  For the heads of agro-industrial firms, agricultural enterprises, farmers Microwave seed pre-treatment The potential of microwave technology to increase the efficiency of obtaining products with new higher consumer qualities has earned the recognition of active and progressive agricultural specialists. In Ukraine, as a result of pioneering developments, design and technological improvements, as well as more than twenty years of experience and testing, it has been developed, manufactured and prepared for practical ...

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Желтое поле пшеницы

Microwave technologies in agriculture!

  This presentation is devoted to the description and promotion of a new technology that involves the use of electromagnetic (em) radiation in agriculture. It should be noted that this area of application of em radiation is a special case, since today there are practically no areas in which it would not be used. Moreover, according to the works of the Nobel laureate Belgian scientist Ilya Prigogine, the emergence and existence of life ...

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