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Microwave technologies in agriculture!


This presentation is devoted to the description and promotion of a new technology that involves the use of electromagnetic (em) radiation in agriculture. It should be noted that this area of ​​application of em radiation is a special case, since today there are practically no areas in which it would not be used. Moreover, according to the works of the Nobel laureate Belgian scientist Ilya Prigogine, the emergence and existence of life, and this is the formation of molecules, their mutation, reproduction, is possible only with such a study. For example, in rooms isolated from the external electromagnetic field (submarines, spacecraft), such a background is created artificially, which is important for maintaining the health of the team.

But back to agriculture.

From the entire spectrum of em oscillations, mankind has been using solar radiation for many centuries to increase the yield of agricultural products. Even our ancestors knew that before sowing it is desirable to keep the seed for some time under the sun's rays, i.e. exposed to radiation with a frequency above 400 GHz. The positive effect of solar radiation on crop yields was noted by academician Chizhevsky, who studied the statistics of grain harvest in the Russian Empire. The greatest harvest was observed in the years of the "active" sun.

To artificially create stimulating conditions with the help of special equipment - this task was faced by the developers of the installations, which include the installation, the characteristics of which will be listed below. When passing through the installation, the product is exposed to electromagnetic radiation (microwave at a frequency of <450 MHz), the dosage of which depends on the type and grade of the product, as well as on the task (biostimulation, disinfection). All modes are set out in the technical description for the installation.

What is the mechanism of influence of e-m irradiation on agricultural crops:

- almost 90% of the energy that enters the product is absorbed by water, which is contained in various forms;

- a water molecule, which is a dielectric dipole, repeatedly, with the frequency of the e-m field, changes its orientation, which leads to the conversion of these vibrations into thermal energy and an increase in temperature;

- the consequence of this is a change in the microstructure of the product, which leads to an improvement in the transport properties of its capillary system, the activation of a number of enzymes, incl. those involved in the starting mechanisms of germination. Considering that in the process of irradiation the temperature of the product rises by 5-7°C, such an effect does not apply to energy, but is a biophysical and biochemical one.

To obtain such conclusions, numerous studies have been carried out in the following areas:

— determination of the influence of e-m irradiation on the sowing properties and productivity of agricultural crops common in Ukraine;

– determination of a possible mutagenic effect on the product by morphological and biological characteristics;

– изучение возможности объединения процессов биостимуляции и обеззараживания при облучении;

– study of the biological composition of the obtained crop;

– study of the effect of pre-sowing processing of the product on the drought and frost resistance of agricultural products;

– determination of optimal processing modes for various crops.

In carrying out these studies, 16 institutes of the crop production profile were involved, incl. institutes of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, carried out up to 17 thousand experiments on 56 crops and 167 varieties.

The results of the studies performed, as well as data from agricultural enterprises that have introduced microwave technology, showed the following:

  1. Increasing seed germination after treatment:

wheat 10-12%, spring barley 12-15%, corn 10-13%, buckwheat 8-13%, etc.

  1. Increasing the yield of all crops: cereals and legumes by 10-33%, buckwheat and sunflower - up to 65%, vegetables - up to 30%, rapeseed - up to 50%. For all crops grown in Ukraine, there are acts of specialized institutions and farms.
  2. Phenological observations have shown that the treated seeds give plants that are ahead of the control crops in their development, form a more powerful root system, larger stems and ripen 8-14 days earlier than the control ones.
  3. Electromagnetic treatment with microwave radiation contributes to the destruction or inhibition of phytopathogens, which makes it possible to exclude pre-sowing treatment of seeds with pesticides.
  4. The quality of agricultural products is improving. In vegetables and chestnut crops, there is an increased content of dry matter, ascorbic acid, β-carotene and other useful substances.
  5. There is an increased frost and drought resistance, which is explained by a developed root system. This also explains the higher class of products according to the criteria of ecological cleanliness, since plant nutrition is carried out from cleaner deeper soil layers.



  1. There are no genetic changes in the processed product, which was studied on 3 generations of the processed material.
  2. The resulting stimulation effect does not apply to the grown product.


The economic efficiency of the use of pre-sowing microwave treatment can be judged by the results of the activities of the agricultural company "Alex" in the Zaporozhye region. So for the period 2006-2008. the agricultural enterprise received an additional 11 thousand tons of grain while saving 1.5 million hryvnia. by eliminating the use of pesticides.


Main results of use

Microwave technology for stimulating seeds of agricultural crops


  1. Seed treatment can begin 90-120 days and end 15 days before sowing.
  2. Treated seeds have 15-23-38.7% higher field germination.
  3. Seed treatment inhibits phytopathogens and eliminates the use of pesticides.
  4. The final product is 1.6 times purer than that obtained from untreated seeds.
  5. The new technology provides early ripening of the crop for 8-10-14 days.
  6. Seed treatment increases resistance to drought and frost (in case of drought, the increase is up to 50%).
  7. Low Germinating seeds (82-84%) give a full yield up to 70 c/ha.
  8. The new technology allows you to fight root rot.
  9. After treatment of sunflower seeds, the pH is lower than that of the control (less bitterness).
  10. The new technology allows you to get two crops from the area in the southern regions.
  11. Из обработанных семян перезимовку переносят на 450-500 тыс. растений больше на гектар.
  12. The installation on the farm can be used for 11 months a year, incl.

– подготовка ярового клина (декабрь-апрель);

– подготовка семян на второй урожай;

– обработка семян гороха после уборки (уничтожение зерновки Брухуса);

– обработка семян озимого клина;

– обработка зерна, закладываемого на хранение.

Technical characteristics of the installation:

– мощность СВЧ излучения в камере – 1,2 кВт

– производительность – 0,4 – 2,0 т/час в зависимости от продукта

– максимальная потребляемая мощность – 2,5 кВт

– температура окружающей среды – +10…+30°С

– масса, не более    –  250 кг

– габариты    –   700х895х2061мм.


Taking into account that for each type of processed product it is necessary to set the optimal value of specific energy, the installation provides adjustment of the time the product stays in the working chamber. The corresponding table is attached.

The Ministry of Agropolitics of Ukraine twice held a round table with the participation of scientists, farmers, equipment manufacturers. This direction of work was approved, and the need for installations of 150 units was indicated, which was not subsequently funded.

In Russia, attempts are also being made to introduce microwave biostimulation in agriculture. In M. Kalashnikova's book "The Genocide of the Russian People", ignoring this technology is designated as an element of genocide.